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Machine vision does not suffer from human eye fatigue and has higher accuracy and speed than human eyes
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Machine vision does not suffer from human fatigue. It has higher accuracy and speed than human eyes. With the help of high-tech detection technologies such as infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, and ultrasonic, machine vision has its own advantages in detecting invisible objects and high-risk scenes. Outstanding advantages, machine vision technology has now been widely used. This article takes a look at the image to take you to understand the characteristics and applications of machine vision technology.

    Industrial machine vision features

    The concept of machine vision in a broad sense is not much different from computer vision. It refers to the use of computers and digital image processing technology to achieve the recognition, understanding, and control of images of objective things. The concept of machine vision in industrial applications is significantly different from ordinary computer vision, pattern recognition, and digital image processing.

    First, industrial machine vision is a comprehensive technology, including digital image processing technology, mechanical engineering technology, control technology, electric light source lighting technology, optical imaging technology, sensor technology, analog and digital video technology, computer software and hardware technology, and human Machine interface technology. These technologies are side-by-side in machine vision. Coordinated application of these technologies can form a successful industrial machine vision application system.

    Second, industrial machine vision emphasizes practicality more, requires adaptability to harsh environments in industrial production, requires reasonable cost performance, has a common industrial interface, can be operated by ordinary workers, and has high fault tolerance and safety. It will not damage industrial products and must have strong versatility and portability.

    Third, for industrial machine vision engineers, not only must have the ability to study mathematical theory and the preparation of computer software, but also need the integration of optical, mechanical, and electrical capabilities.

    Fourth, industrial machine vision emphasizes real-time performance and requires high speed and high precision. Therefore, many technologies in computer vision and digital image processing are still difficult to apply to machine vision. Their development speed is far greater than that in industrial production. The actual application speed.

    Industrial machine vision applications

    First, the application of machine vision in industrial inspection

    At present, machine vision has been successfully applied in the field of industrial inspection, which has greatly improved the quality and reliability of products and ensured the production speed. For example, product packaging and printing quality testing, beverage industry container quality testing, beverage filling testing, beverage product sealing inspection, timber factory timber testing, semiconductor integrated package packaging quality inspection, coil steel quality testing and fruit grading testing. On the pharmaceutical production line, machine vision technology can be used to test drug packaging to determine if the correct dosage is loaded.

    Second, the application of machine vision in medicine

    In the medical field, machine vision is used to assist doctors in the analysis of medical images. Digital image processing techniques and information fusion techniques are mainly used to analyze mutual ray perspectives, nuclear magnetic resonance images, CT images, or to analyze and analyze other medical image data. . Different medical imaging devices get images of biological tissues with different characteristics. For example, X-rays reflect skeletal tissue, MRI images reflect organic tissue images, and doctors often need to consider the relationship between bones and organic tissues, and therefore need to use digital image processing technology to properly superimpose the two images in order to facilitate Medical analysis. Using digital image processing method to count the number of cells is to use digital image edge extraction and image segmentation technology to automatically complete the statistics of the number of cells, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

    Third, the application of machine vision in robot navigation and visual servo system

    Giving robot vision is one of the focuses of robot research. Its purpose is to feedback the target or its own status and position information to the robot motion control system through image positioning, image understanding, and the like. If the camera is fixed on the head, a robot grabs and moves the workpiece within a certain range. Industrial cameras (industrial cameras) use dynamic image recognition and tracking algorithms to track the moving workpiece and keep it in the middle of the field of view.

    Fourth, machine vision in image monitoring, security, traffic management application

    In closed-circuit television monitoring systems, machine vision technology is used to enhance image quality, capture emergencies, monitor complex scenes, identify identities, track suspicious targets, etc., which can significantly improve monitoring efficiency and reduce the probability of dangerous events. In the traffic management system, machine vision technology is used for vehicle identification, scheduling, and providing relevant information to traffic management and command systems.

    Fifth, the application of machine vision in satellite remote sensing

    Satellite remote sensing image has a large amount of information, there are many kinds of interference and errors in the data, and the workload and difficulty of processing and analysis are very large. Machine vision technology is used to analyze various remote sensing images, conduct environmental monitoring and geographic measurement, and automatically recognize, understand and classify ground targets according to topographic and geomorphic images and graphic features.

    The birth and application of machine vision technology has greatly liberated the human labor force, raised the level of production automation, improved the status quo of human life, and its application prospect is extremely broad. At present, machine vision technology has been widely used in production and life in foreign countries, and China is in its infancy. It urgently needs the joint efforts of scientific and technological workers to rapidly improve the level of development of China's machine vision technology and make a contribution to the modernization of China. Your own contribution.


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